Sparta American Legion reminding veterans and others of their ‘patriotic duty’

An area group is reminding veterans of their patriotic duty.

The  American Legion Post 100 in Sparta is raising awareness about saluting the flag during the national anthem.

As part of the 2009 Defense Authorization Act, veterans and soldiers not in uniform can now salute during the anthem.

The group also wants to remind the public when the national anthem is playing they should stand up and place their hand over their heart.

Organizers hope the campaign instills a sense of national pride in the community.

“Raising awareness is important because I think we need to get back on track for the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance, showing what it stands for, how it represents us and everyone it has represented in the past,” said Jason Green from Sparta American Legion Post 100. 

The group hopes their message spreads to not only local events, but national events as well.