Sparta gym turns away turkey for committing fitness fowl

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT)- As the weather cools down, many people will take their fitness routines indoors. This week a Sparta gym had to turn away a prospective member for committing a fitness fowl. 

Gym etiquette is an exercise in respect. At Sparta’s Anytime Fitness, one would-be member refused to put in the reps.

“She did show up at the front door. She ran into the door when one of our members came in, ” says manager Elizabeth Kimball.

After being denied entry, the talkative turkey settled for a cardio workout in the parking lot. She paced back and forth for more than two hours before James and Jennifer Lockman cornered the bird and put her in their car.

“It was crazy. It just kind of sat there. It looked at me. It looked out the window. It didn’t even try to fight me in the back seat of the car, ” says James. “So the first thing he thinks of is turkey selfie, ” says Jennifer.

The Lockmans turned the turkey over to a Monroe County humane officer, who placed the hen in foster care. Ann Betsinger has taken in other strays. This is her first turkey. She named her Tilly.

“I do like her. I really like her. She’s sweet, ” says Betsinger.

Tilly appears to have found her place in her new flock without ruffling any feathers. Betsinger will take care of Tilly who she believes is someone’s pet. Betsinger hopes Tilly’s owner will help her fly the coop. “Whoever had her gave her a great home. I hope if they are watching they come and claim her. She’s a great bird, ” says the first-time turkey foster mom.

After her wayward adventure, it’s safe to assume this traveling turkey hopes things — work out. “She’s beautiful. She didn’t have to go to the gym. She’s looking very fit, ” says Betsinger.

Things did work out for Tilly. Turns out her name is actually Lucy. She escaped through an open gate and will be reunited with her owner.

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