Sparta Police Department one step closer to new station

New station has an estimated $5 million price tag

“Back in 1953, this building was one of the nicest building in the city.” Sparta interim police chief David Kuderer said about the police station.

While it was great station back then David Kuderer says the building is out of code and out of date.

“It’s all concrete structure floor ceilings walls trying to run electrical wires for computers, and all the technology we need.”

When Kuderer started with the station in the 1980s there were fewer than 5,000 people living in Sparta, the population since doubled.

“We’re up to almost 9,600 people in Sparta,” Kuderer said. 

Kuderer wants the police force to grow with it but says that isn’t possible with the current station.

“We’ve got a small room that we got five cubicles in that 15 officers have to work out of that office by taking turns at different desks.”

In a Space Needs Analysis report the city and police were given five different building plans to choose from. While it isn’t official they are focusing on scenario 2.

“It’s a two story building with a parking garage for the squad cars. It’s about 19,600 square ft.” Mark Sund the city administrator said.

With an estimated $5 million price tag planners looked far into the future to make sure a new building would be usable for decades.


“The prediction 30 years from now would be about 27 officers.” Mark Sund said.


While the new facility would have more space and better technology Chief Kuderer stressed that it would have no frills he said he wants the changes to benefit the community and not cost it..


“Looking at things that are necessary for the building and the officers no things that are just thrown in their cause they would like to have it,” Kuderer said.