Sparta referendum set for Feb. 21


SPARTA, Wis. — Residents in Sparta will soon have a choice to make on a referendum for the school district’s budget.

It would allow the district to budget for an additional $750,000 each year, for the next three.

The previous referendum ends at the end of this school year.

If approved, district officials say the money will be used to improve buildings, technology and fund community learning centers.

John Hendricks, Sparta’s Superintendent, says the vote will not impact people’s taxes either way.

“A successful referendum will not cost our taxpayers any more money. It won’t have a negative effect on the tax rate,” said Hendricks.

“An unsuccessful referendum doesn’t mean they’re going to pay less because the (school) board will more than likely invest that money into early repayment of existing building debt,” he added.

The vote is on the ballot on Tuesday, February 21.