Sparta students highlight anti-bullying message with flash mob

Students learned a dance to the song "Brave" by Sara Barielles

A school assembly during bullying prevention week had a lively interruption Thursday morning in Sparta.

A group of 50 or so middle schoolers at Meadowview in Sparta learned a dance to the song, “Brave” by Sara Barilles.They turned it into a flash mob with a message for the whole school to see.

“Bullying is not nice and it’s a good way to show how to make people feel brave,” said 8th grader Ryan Butterbrobt.

“I was really happy and I was just glad that everyone got the message,” said 8th grader Sable Pfaff.

“It’s okay to be brave, it’s okay to get up and do things that other people wouldn’t do,” said 8th grader Lili Zeps.

The music teacher hopes they do something similar to this every year. The performance was a surprise for the rest of the school.