Special Request: 100 Birthday cards for Mom

Birthday Card

BLAIR, Wis. (WKBT) – It’s a special request from a loving son, longing to make his mother’s 100th birthday memorable, even while isolated in a care center.

Steve Kittleson sent a letter to News 8 Now hoping to tug at the heartstrings desperately trying to make his mother’s 100th birthday feel extra special. His mother is residing at the Grandview Care Center in Blair and with the current conditions controlling the celebration, Kittleson thought he would invite 100 people to send her a birthday card. His mother, Eileen Kittleson, will turn a century-old on May 19 and cards have always been something dear to her heart. “She has always loved cards. When we moved her to the nursing home after her stroke, we found shoeboxes full of cards that she had saved, organized and archived, maybe as a moment in time, when things were simpler,” Steve said.

The request is simple, a birthday card made out to Eileen Kittleson, Grandview Care Center, 620 Grand View Avenue, Box 27, Blair, WI 54616.