Speedy Delivery…Update!


“911 Emergency…”

“We’re driving from Spring Grove to La Crosse and my wife is in labor and we’re having twins and the first twin is
out.” Jason and Sue Crouch will never forget the night of November 3rd.

The 40-minute drive from Spring Grove seemed like an eternity, with Jason behind the wheel and Sue trying
desperately to keep her second twin from coming out. “I have to push!!”

This video shows emergency crews scrambling to try and find the Crouch’s on the road. “There’s a squad car behind
me and I’m going way over the speed limit and I’m not stopping.”

They arrive at Gundersen Lutheran in the nick of time. “As soon as we pulled in, they cut the umbilical cord on
Shawn and out came Nate… The doctor caught him with one hand.”

Well, that was 4 months ago. Today, Nathan and Shawn join big brothers, Reese and Ethan, back at home. They are
both growing big and, as you would expect, keeping mom and dad very busy. “Busy, but that’s just part of the routine,

The reality of their wild ride has definitely set in now. “You think of all the could-have’s, now. We could’ve
hit a deer. You go…’oh my goodness.’ We’re lucky it turned out as good as it did.”

So, will they be making a return trip to the hospital anytime soon?? “No! All done. Four boys is enough!”