Sports Spotlight 10-17: Brookwood Softball

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–We continue our new Sports Spotlight segment, in which we give our local senior athletes a chance to be recognized, since they’re unable to play their final season of competition.

You at home get to decide who gets put in the Sports Spotlight by sending me your nominations. With that in mind, today’s nomination comes from Brookwood.

Hailey Schueller, Faith Wathke, Alyssa Ottum are three seniors who will be missed at Bookwood.

They were on a team returning 8 starters, with hopes of making waves in the Scenic Bluffs.

Alyssa Ottum is the anchor of the infield, and constantly batted near .300.

In addition to patrolling center, Hailey Schueller played every game with a smile on her face, with a positive attitude.

And Faith Wathke was an all conference selection at short, displaying power and a high batting average.

If you have an athlete you want to nominate, head to our sports page at and click on our Sports Spotlight story. There you’ll be invited to fill out our nomination form. You can also send me an email with any photos and videos of your athlete that you’d like me to include on-air.