Spring-like weather prompts early syrup season

Local syrup makers say weather could be good, bad

The early spring-like weather marked an early start to a local farming season.

Sap began flowing in our area a couple of weeks ago, marking the beginning of the local syrup season. Syrup producers say mid-February is about a month earlier than the average season.

A co-founder of ‘B & E’s Trees’ says the early warmth could be either beneficial or damaging to their syrup harvesting season.

“It depends on the fluctuation, the warm days and cool nights. As long as we’re still getting freezes we’re in business, but it just changes your time scales,” said B & E’s Trees Co-founder Bree Breckel.

‘B & E’s Trees’ founders say this is the earliest start they have seen to the syrup season. Last year the season began near the end of February.