State Rep. Billings would likely have proof of paid taxes, La Crosse tax attorney says

Billings' team told News 8 Now her taxes were paid in full

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Online court records show that La Crosse’s State Assembly Representative for the 95th district Jill Billings (D-WI) still owes the state over $10,000 dollars in unpaid income taxes, interest, and penalties.

The Department of Revenue filed a lien against Billings’ back in January and then a tax warrant in June.

Billing’s staff told New 8 now her taxes were paid late due to a mistake, but that she has paid the bill in full.

By law the Department of Revenue can’t confirm that. News 8 Now asked Billings to provide her own proof, and the newsroom has not heard back.

La Crosse attorney Galen Pittman specializes in debtor/creditor and tax law. He says the Department of Revenue normally sends a taxpayer some proof of payment.

“The department will send out a satisfaction or release of that lien probably within 10 days to two weeks,” said Pittman. “And they’re supposed to send a copy to the taxpayer…When you’re paying those taxes, they’ll want a cashier’s check so that the department can cash that and satisfy that.”

Pittman said based on the January lien date, the tax return at fault is probably from a couple years ago.

Billings first won election to Wisconsin’s 95th district in 2011. The Democrat represents the City of La Crosse and the Towns of Shelby and Campbell.