Step Into Summer event held in Winona

Event teaches kids the importance of staying active

Healthier lifestyles for children was the goal of an event in Winona Sunday.

Step into Summer is a free event that aims to show children and their parents how easy it is to be healthy.

Making smart food choices as well as staying active were on the agenda. The event kicked off with a 2 mile walk. Afterwards different activities promoting health were held at Winona Health.

It’s something organizers hope children can use as they get older. “Hopefully they’ll take those same healthy positive actions into their adult life and continue passing on a healthier way of life rather than those unhealthy habits so if they learn at a young age, how easy it is to be healthy and active, they’ll carry it on with adulthood and pass it on to their children,” said Janel Miller from Winona Health.

The Winona Healthy Kids Club will host another free event this Fall.