Stop by Hamilton’s Edible Schoolyard Garden for free, fresh produce

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Fresh from the garden food is only a block or so away for residents in the Powell-Poage-Hamilton Neighborhood.

Hamilton’s Edible Schoolyard Garden is ready for its first harvest of the summer.

There’s mint, raspberries, and currants ready to pick, all free for everyone to enjoy, including those who live outside the neighborhood.

The garden is a learning space for kids to connect with nature and healthy foods.

But since school is out, there’s more than enough produce to go around.

“[Hamilton] is a year-round school, so it’s supposed to be starting in July. Since it’s not starting until September we have more fruit than people are eating currently. So we are encouraging the community to come out and enjoy the produce,” said Jamie O’Neill, Executive Director of GROW La Crosse.

O’Neill says don’t pick things that aren’t ripe yet.

The best time to stop by is in the morning or evening when it’s cooler outside.

She also encourages people to check out the small food pantry in front of the school as well.