StormTeam 8, National Weather Service host weather radio events

StormTeam 8 meteorologists teamed up with the National Weather Service, Midland Weather Radios and Walgreens to hold two weather radio events on Friday afternoon in La Crosse.

They helped people program their weather radios at two Walgreens stores in La Crosse.

The weather radios provide updates 24 hours-a-day seven days a week if you want them, but they are most useful during severe weather emergencies. They can be programed alert you whenever severe weather hits your town.

They can be programed to alert you whenever severe weather hits your town.

“Whenever it goes out you have that information, you get alerted to it, and then can respond as quickly as possible,” said Glenn Lussky, of the National Weather Service. “That’s really the goal: to let people know what’s happening and can respond to protect themselves.”

StormTeam 8 will host another weather radio event on Friday, July 26 at the Sparta Walgreens from 5- 8 p.m.

You can get more information on Midland Weather Radios by going to our News 8 weather page.