Student speaks out against former UWL professor involved in sexual misconduct case

Caycee Bean was on the UWL campus when she saw the professor who she says made unwanted sexual advances towards her.

“I was just so irate and furious.”

Before that moment, Caycee was involved in a campus investigation into Joel Elgin’s actions. When the investigation closed with Elgin still on campus, she made a statement online.

“I got in my car and I sat there until I finished writing.”

In the Facebook post, Caycee wrote ‘I’m sharing this because I’m extremely disappointed with UWL’s process.’ She continued ‘I’m now eager to take further action and demand to know what repercussions were taken, and how he responded to the allegations.”

She saw a strong response online. Documenting 23 other people who told her that they have had a similar experience with Elgin.

“There’s been so many more than that who have come forward and said ‘I believe you, I’ve had this professor before. I’ve seen how he’s acted in the classroom.”

And after the announcement of Elgin’s retirement, she saw a response from his attorney, calling those who demanded he step down ‘Minions.’

“These are complete strangers who just heard the word of this guy finally being caught and have a story to share.”

Caycee hopes her story will bring a change to the campus’ culture.

“This isn’t over yet. UWL’s system needs to change.”

But she says this process has changed her for life.

“I have felt so much support and that’s helped me a lot through this whole process. I feel like I will just carry those women in my heart, every day.”

Caycee says she has no intentions to pursue criminal charges against Elgin. She also didn’t announce any legal action against him, saying her main priority was to get him off campus.

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