Students help special-needs individuals enjoy their Saturday

'Special Day for Special People' event held at Copeland Park Shelter

After 20 years of tradition, a student started program is still having a positive impact on the community.

The student-led community service organization is called “Impact.”

Volunteer activities range from delivering meals to the elderly to ringing bells for the Salvation Army, but on Saturday they helped out at an event called “Special Day for Special People” at the Copeland Park Shelter.

The students paired up with special-needs individuals to enjoy a day full of activities such as hay rides, music and more. One senior who has been involved with the volunteer program for two years says it’s a wonderful experience.

“We go to a catholic school so helping others is always important for us, so it’s a good feeling to know that theres’s something we can do for our community that has done so much for us,” said Aquinas High Schol Senior Avery Mclain.

Mclain says she is also happy to see more students helping out with the event this year than last.