Students in viral Heimlich video recognized by La Crosse School Board

A pair of students from La Crosse are recognized in front of the district’s school board Monday night.

Back in March, we told you the story of La Crosse Central freshman Ian Brown, who jumped into action to deliver the Heimlich maneuver when his friend Will Olson started choking during lunch.

The story went viral and got national attention after it was caught on the school’s surveillance camera.

Monday night, the two got the chance to speak to the school board about their experience and their desire to see the district teach more first aid.

“It was just something on me and Ian’s bucket list, make sure that they would implement basic CPR and hands-on CPR into the school curriculum,” said Olson.

As part of a new state law, the La Crosse School District will begin teaching hands-only CPR and basic first aid to all 7th and 9th grade students in the district beginning next year.

“It’s good to start them young. It’s better to have them know it and not need it than need it and not know it at all,” said Brown.