Students ‘slime’ Viroqua gym teacher

Students raised money for 'Jump Rope for Heart' program

An area gym teacher is rewarding his students for their fundraising efforts.

Every year, Viroqua Elementary takes part in the “Jump Rope for Heart” program. It raises money to help benefit the American Heart Association.

To help the students raise money, their gym teacher added an extra incentive.  Any student who raised more than $100 could dump a glass of slime on his head in front of the whole school.

“The kids just did an awesome job. The community is so awesome, and the kids are awesome, and year after year they seem to amaze us. I think the sliming helped, but  I think we would have done real well with out it too,” said gym teacher John VanCelave.

This year, the students raised more than $18,000, breaking last year’s record by almost $2,000.