Study finds chocolate milk out-performs sports drinks

A study conducted by Dairy MAX and the University of Texas found that chocolate milk out-performs commercial sports drinks for post-workout recovery in high school athletes.

The research which was published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, shows chocolate milk’s naturally occurring electrolytes, 90% water content, and 8 grams of protein, helps replenish the body.

This isn’t the first study on the benefits of chocolate milk for athletes, but it is different from others.

Director of Sports Medicine Research at Mayo Clinic Health System, Andrew Jagim, Ph.D, said, “The thing that makes this recent study unique is it was done in adolescent, kind of high school athletes, in a field-based setting, where they were just doing their regular sport activities for about five weeks, and then they had the chocolate milk intervention.”

Student athletes were broken into two groups for the study.

After their workouts one group drank chocolate milk and the other drank sports drinks.

The chocolate milk group had significantly greater improvements in strength and performance, according to Jagim.

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