‘Stuff the Mortars’ event gives behind-the-scenes look at fireworks displays

Many people have Christmas on their minds this time of year, but one group in our area is thinking ahead to New Year’s. On Saturday, the La Crosse Skyrockers held their sixth annual “Stuff the Mortars” event to educate the community on fireworks and raise funds for the New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

The event gives the community the chance to learn more about the fireworks display while still being in a safe environment.

Organizers say it is all about getting people to see things from their point of view.

“Just a way for us to share what fireworks are and how everything works and kind of display some of our toys a little bit to see what we’re working with that you don’t see. You know when you’re watching them in the sky you don’t see what we do on the backside to make that happen,” said Marty Schmal, public relations director for the La Crosse Skyrockers.

This will be the 87th year the Skyrockers launch fireworks off the bluff thanks to area fundraisers and donations.