Sunnier, Drier, and Cooler -Derek Sibley

Mostly fair weather conditions for today but a little cloudy tomorrow

Current Weather Conditions

2020 Dma Temps

Current temperatures early this afternoon are in the low 80s with some of us ion the upper 70s.  It will be a little cooler today thanks to a cold front that moved through.


Wkbt Master

Latest satellite imagery shows mostly sunny conditions in our area, all thanks to being on the backside of a cold front that moved through to help clear out the skies for the most part.  We will see similar conditions throughout the day.



2020 Metrovision Today Mp

Expect partly cloudy skies later in the day with highs in the upper 80s.  Overall, cooler than the previous days too.



Looking Ahead…

8 Day Derek

Cloudier conditions are in the forecast for tomorrow.  Next best chance of thunderstorms will be on Saturday.  Otherwise, partly cloudy skies with highs in the low 80s will be the dominant weather pattern into next week.


Have a great rest of your day!

-Meteorologist Derek Sibley