Super Bowl boosts business in La Crosse

No matter what teams are competing, the event is always a 'win' for area businesses

Few events provide more of a financial boost to places like bars and grocery stores than the Super Bowl. While, many local owners and store managers happen to be Packer fans, they said no matter who is playing the game is exciting for business.

Mark Schneider has owned Glory Days for nearly 20 years. He said his most special memories come from the times he’s watched the Packers compete in the Super Bowl there.

“Our first year in business Brett Farve in the Super Bowl and we won the whole thing, the place was just nuts,” Schneider said.

Even though you’ll have a hard time finding an NFL team’s logo other than the Packers inside the bar, no matter who is playing, the Super Bowl is always a big deal at Glory Days.

“I know no one is happy over the teams who are in there, but they are still going to watch today’s game,” Schneider said.

As a fan Schneider isn’t the happiest. But as a business owner he’s been preparing for the big day, bringing in more food and beer in anticipation of a bigger crowd.

“Oh we’ll have capacity,” Schneider said.

Festival food employees have similar feelings to those of Schneider’s.

“Super Bowl is always a busy weekend for us, but of course if Green Bay was in it, it would certainly add a lot of business for us. So we wish they were in it but we’ll take what we can get,” Kevin Schnell, a store director at Festival Foods, said.

No matter who is playing though, certain items are always popular during the big game.

“A lot of the beverages, trays over in the produce and deli departments always do well,” Schnell said.

While the situation is bittersweet for many owners and managers, they are optimistic for a better season and even better business next year.