Supreme Court majority says it will hear 2nd Amendment case

A newly solidified conservative majority on the Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to take up a Second Amendment case for the first time since 2010.

At issue is a challenge to a provision of a New York City gun law that regulates where a licensed handgun owners can take their firearm. The law blocks licensed individuals from removing a handgun from the address listed on the license except to travel to nearby authorized small arms range/shooting clubs.

It is the first substantive gun rights cases the court has heard since Justice Antonin Scalia’s landmark opinion in 2008 holding that the Constitution protects an individual’s right to keep a gun at home and a follow up case in 2010. Since those opinions came down, the Court has declined to take up several other follow up cases to the frustration of supporters of guns rights.

The challenge comes from the New York State Rifle <><><><><><><>& Pistol association. In court papers their lawyers argued that a New Yorker cannot transport his handgun to his “second home for the core constitutional purpose of self-defense or to an upstate county to participate in a shooting competition, or even across the bridge to a neighboring city for target practice.”/ppThe case will be heard in October./ppemThis story is breaking and will be updated./em