4 tips to mitigate home improvement costs

Construction materials and labor costs are rising. If you are a homeowner getting ready to start a project, here are a few things you can do to mitigate rising costs.

How homeowners can prepare for summer storm season

It's that time of year again when unwanted weather patterns like severe thunderstorms, rainstorms and tornadoes can wreak havoc on homes and businesses.These expert tips will help you prepare for and recover from a storm.

4 tips to prepare for extended power outages

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What you need to know when building a home

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How to paint a fence

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Know your HVAC system

Your HVAC system is very important to your home. Learn more about the components of the HVAC system.

How are roofing costs estimated?

The roof is one of the biggest investments you'll make in your home. Find out how the costs of installation of a new roof and repairs on existing roofs are determined.

Insulating window treatments save energy

Without any control over your windows, your home may be uncomfortably hot in the summer, cold in the winter or expensive to heat and cool, and your furnishings may be getting ruined by harmful UV rays.