jerome powell

Powell acknowledges growing risk of slowdown

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell on Friday acknowledged that the economy has grown more turbulent in the three weeks since the Fed cut rates for the first time in a decade -- but stopped short of giving any indication about what might be coming at the next rate-setting meeting in September.

Asian markets edge higher

Asian markets mostly moved cautiously higher Friday as investors awaited Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's speech for clues on whether the US central bank will cut interest rates in the future.

Bad economic news raises political risks for Trump

President Donald Trump enjoyed a brief stock market bounce after deciding to delay his threatened tariffs on Chinese-made cell phones and toys, but Wednesday's very bad day for the US stock market underscored the grim economic reality facing the President as he runs for reelection.

How Jerome Powell stopped a US default in 2011

In May of 2011, then-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner issued a stark warning letter to Congress: the US government had hit the debt limit and would no longer be able to pay its bills past August 2. That gave Congress exactly 11 weeks before America's wallet would be empty.