Vice Presidential candidates get ready for debate

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (WKBT) - The Vice Presidential candidates are set to take the stage Wednesday in Salt Lake City. Safety measures will be in place, including ensuring distancing and a plexiglass divider between the two candidates. Current Vice…

Vice President Pence to visit Madison

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) - Vice President Mike Pence will visit Wisconsin Tuesday when he makes a stop in Madison. Pence will visit a GE Healthcare manufacturing facility and highlight the…

Pence predicts 'historic' African American support for Trump

President Donald Trump made an extensive pitch to African American voters Friday at a campaign event in Atlanta launching the Black Voices for Trump coalition, reprising his 2016 argument that Democrats have done little for the African American community and arguing they are too focused on things like impeachment to work on its behalf.

Pence aide: Trump's Ukraine call was not a normal diplomatic call

An aide to Vice President Mike Pence who listened to the call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President told impeachment inquiry investigators on Thursday that she found the conversation to be unusual because it was political in nature, according to two sources familiar with the testimony.