todd kendhammer

Appeal filed for Kendhammer

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Another appeal has been filed for Todd Kendhammer. A decision has not been made on the appeal. Kendhammer was found guilty of first degree intentional homicide in…

State, defense rest in day 8 of Todd Kendhammer trial

The high profile murder trial of Todd Kendhammer moved into its eighth day, with the defense calling family and friends to the stand. The defense was looking for answers to two main questions: what was Todd and Barbara Kendhammer's relationship like, and how did Todd seem at the hospital after the alleged pipe incident. 

Kendhammer attorneys could appeal, request new trial

More than nine hours after jurors began their deliberations, a guilty verdict was handed down in the trial of Todd Kendhammer. Prosecutors for the state claimed that Kendhammer killed his wife and then staged a freak car accident to cover it up.