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Navy ships in deadly collisions had lengthy training lapses

Two US Navy destroyers involved in deadly collisions this year -- the USS John S. McCain and USS Fitzgerald -- had lengthy records of expired training certifications and some requirements had lapsed for more than two years, according to a new report obtained by CNN.

Crippled US destroyer damaged by transport ship

The USS Fitzgerald, a Navy destroyer that was damaged in June after a deadly collision with a cargo ship off the coast of Japan, suffered two punctures to its hull on Sunday while being loaded onto a transport ship destined for the US, according to the service.

Missing sailors found dead on US Navy destroyer

Seven missing sailors from the USS Fitzgerald were found dead in flooded berthing compartments following the warship's collision with a merchant vessel, a US military official said.

How do Navy ships operate?

Whether it's an aircraft carrier or a warship, a United States Navy vessel never sleeps on the open sea thanks to a complex orchestra of people and systems tracking its course.