vatican city

Vatican tightens laws on sexual abuse of minors

The Vatican issued tougher, comprehensive laws Friday governing the sexual abuse of minors within the Vatican City State, Vatican offices and its diplomatic embassies abroad.

Vatican: Catholic bishops to return to China

The Vatican and China have signed a provisional agreement to allow jointly-approved Catholic bishops in China for the first time, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said in a recorded press statement Saturday.

How to celebrate Hanukkah in Rome

When you think of Rome, the Pope and Vatican City often come to mind. But the Italian capital is also home to one of the most historic and vibrant Jewish quarters in Europe.

Pope Francis places 'forbidden to complain' sign on his door

Pope Francis put a sign saying "vietato lamentarsi" on the door to his private rooms in the Vatican, a religious expert close to the pontiff told AFP. {"url":"","author_name":"AFP news agency","author_url":"","html":"&#lt;blockquote class="twitter-tweet"&#gt;&#lt;p lang="en" dir="ltr"&#gt;'No complaining': Pope Francis takes on moaners with…