women’s march

Women's marches vow 'to keep pushing' for change

Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturday for the Women's March in Washington and related rallies across the country, with many looking to channel two years of momentum and common cause against President Donald Trump into progressive policies.

Gillibrand condemns anti-Semitism at Women's March

While campaigning for president in Iowa on Saturday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand condemned anti-Semitism at one of the several women's marches taking place across the country, addressing the allegations roiling the national Women's March, Inc. organization.

Here's what to know for 2019 Women's Marches

The third year of Women's Marches is expected to bring thousands of protesters to cities across the US, but during the past few weeks, there's also been controversy over leadership, an evolving agenda and inclusion.

DNC no longer listed as partner for 2019 Women's March

The Democratic National Committee appears to have pulled out from partnering with the organizers of the Women's March as the group's leadership faces accusations of anti-Semitism due to their association with Louis Farrakhan ahead of its third annual march this weekend.