Tavern League Saferide program continues to grow

Raffle will help fund program for another year

A program aimed at getting people home safe after an night of drinking is funded for at least another year.

The Tavern League’s Safe Ride program raised enough money to fund an other year of rides, by auctioning off a new Ford Mustang.

The lucky winner received his Mustang Sunday afternoon.

The Safe Ride program continues to grow, giving more than 82,000 rides in the state of Wisconsin last year alone. The cost of those rides was more than a million dollars.

That’s why La Crosse’s Tavern League president is happy the raffle was such a big success. “We have the funding for the next year in advance and that’s a nice thing to have that we’re not trying to play catch-up all the time, but the money is there for people to get a safe ride home,” said Mike Brown, President of the La Crosse Tavern League.

Brown is anticipating about 10,000 Safe Rides will be given next year in La Crosse County alone.