#TBT: Badgers guard Bronson Koenig’s trend-setting haircuts

La Crosse hairsylist gets request for the 'Bronson Koenig cut'

Before he was a star guard for the Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball Team, Bronson Koenig sported some unique haircuts for the WIAA Boys State Basketball Championships.

The first time, Bronson said it was his barber’s idea to shave a star and 24 (Bronson’s jersey number) on the right side of Bronson’s head.

“He just recommended it to me and I thought, why not, it’s state,” Bronson told News 8 at the 2010 Division III State Championship.

At the state championship in March 2013, Bronson sported a shaved “W” on the back of his head as a nod to Wisconsin.

Anthony Norris told us on our WKBT News8000 Facebook page his work on the “W” in the picture above “was not one of the best lol. We did that cut in a tight bathroom last minute thing! This one [pictured below] was one of the better ones!”

#TBT: Badgers guard Bronson Koenig’s trend-setting haircuts

Koenig has been getting his hair cut by Norris since his freshman year at Aquinas High School. Norris has his own shop on Gillette Street in La Crosse called Tone Oliver. He said the team’s popularity is leading to a lot of requests for a specific haircut.

“Especially the cut that we’ve recently done, and because the games are kinda serious now, and he’s getting a lot more looks, and so a lot of times people come in and say, ‘Hey, I want the Bronson Koenig cut,'” Norris told News 8.

La Crosse area kids have also asked for the “W” cut.

Norris traveled to Madison earlier this week before the team left for Indianapolis to cut Koenig and Nigel Hayes’ hair. This is the second year he styled their hair for the Final Four.

Bronson got a shorter version of what he had during the earlier games of the 2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. The picture below was taken earlier this week.

#TBT: Badgers guard Bronson Koenig’s trend-setting haircuts

Norris may go down to Indianapolis to give the team some touch-ups if they make the National Championship game.

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