Teammates for life: Royall’s Gruen family says close bond is key to success

ELROY, Wis. (WKBT)–As the Panthers get ready for sectionals, they say that their team is like a family. But for some players on the team family is true in more ways than one.

Madelyn Gruen, Emma Gruen, Marah Gruen, and Brooklyn Gruen all play on the team, and with four Gruens on the squad it’s easy to get them confused.

“Our own family mixes us up too,” said Madelyn.

So they’ve helped break down who’s who, as the team revealed Marah as the loudest.

“I get so competitive and I probably look mean on the court, but I’m not mean,” said the Freshman.

On the other end the quietest Gruen, Brooklyn likes to work for a legacy that speaks for itself.

“I’m really proud of (the Gruen name) and when people hear the name they’re like ‘on yeah they’re pretty athletic,’ and you’re like ‘yeah,'” said Brooklyn.

And that family name allows Madelyn to be the Gruen that cracks the most jokes.

“I feel very comfortable out there, knowing that I have people out there that wont judge me,” said the Junior.

And with all these personalities Emma is the one who’s the most encouraging when things get tough.

“We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how we can encourage and help each other out on the court,” said the Senior.

Individually they all have their strengths and weakness, but together, they’re ready to take on sectionals and life after high school.

“It’s encouraging when you have so much love and backup behind you,” said Marah.

“I’m definitely the person and athlete I am today because of my family and the surrounding people around me,” added Emma.