Texas teacher cuts hair to support bullied child

A Texas teacher came up with a creative way to stop her students from teasing a classmate. She chopped off her hair.

When Shannon Grimm noticed that a 5-year-old girl in her kindergarten class was “really sad and depressed at school because friends think that she looks like a boy,” she wanted to cheer the student up by showing solidarity.

Classmates were teasing the girl, Prisilla, who had begun wearing a hat to school to cover her hair, according to CNN affiliate KTRK.

“I would cry because I would think school was not fun,” the girl told the affiliate.

So Grimm chopped her waist-length brown hair into a pixie cut, like Prisilla’s.

“What better way to show them that you can look any way and still be true to yourself and that you can be whoever you want — it doesn’t matter what you look like — than to cut my own hair?” the teacher said in a Facebook live stream about the episode.

Grimm even purchased matching hair bows for her and Prisilla to wear, said the