Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Create a unique centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table with these ideas:

The Mayflower: Recreate the Mayflower by adding a sail to a flat centerpiece to create a make-shift boat.

Rustic: Add twigs and bark to fall-themed flowers to give your centerpiece a rustic look.

Kids’ crafts: Let your kids help design the centerpiece by incorporating some of their Thanksgiving crafts. They can also add drawings and cut out some leaves to help complete the look.

Pumpkins: Pumpkins make an easy seasonal centerpiece. Get pumpkins of various colors and sizes to add some creativity to the centerpiece. Also consider decorating the pumpkins to add bright colors and sparkle.

Feathers: Large, fun feathers can make an interesting centerpiece. Add them into flower arrangements to add a unique look to the bouquets.

Candles: You can’t go wrong with candles. Add candles of various sizes and colors in the center of the table for an elegant look.

Seasonal flowers: Create a centerpiece out of mums and sunflowers for an autumn-themed centerpiece.