Thanksgiving dinner may be more expensive

Dinner cost up $2 from last year

Your Thanksgiving dinner will have you spending just a little extra this year.

That’s based on a survey by Wisconsin’s Farm Bureau.

The annual report looks at the price of Thanksgiving Dinner for 10 people.

This year it will cost almost 51 dollars for a Thanksgiving meal. That’s about $2 more than last year and more than a dollar compared to the national average.

The good news is there are ways to help shave some of the cost come turkey day.

“See what you have in your own cupboards before going to the store, maybe you don’t need to buy that can of pumpkin this year because you have one left over from last year or something like that. So make sure you look at your cupboards first than determine what you need before going to the store,” said Festival Foods Store Director Mike Gates.

When planning for how big of a turkey you should buy the store director says to estimate about one pound for every person at the dinner.