The Grumpy Old Men!


Don’t be fooled by their age, ’cause these cats can really swing. “We probably have 2000 years of experience on
this stage.” Not quite 2000 years, but still the members of this veteran ensemble have 50, 60 and in some cases 70
years of experience under their belts. “We’re known as the cleanest men in the world. Everyone says we’re washed
up!” “I think our senior member is 87! And isn’t that a great toupee”

This feisty gang is literally a who’s-who of La Crosse, with former teachers, a past school board president, even a
festmaster is in the bunch! “How did I get roped in to this?”

But this band got it’s start back in the 90’s ike many bands do, jammin’ in a basement. “When we started, I think
we had maybe 6 or seven guys.” “Pretty soon there was 10 and then 12.” And soon, they decided to take their act on
the road. Or at least down the road. “We thought we’d make some other people miserable, so we’d go play at the rest

But they still had one problem, they needed a name! “The ‘Grumpy Old Men’ movie came out and I thought that sounded
good for us. Now if they find out we’re using the name, we’ll be out of business!”

Yes, the Grumpy Old Men play almost exclusively for grumpy, old, men. Well actually, they play for men and women
and the majority of them are not in fact grumpy, but most of their gigs are at nursing homesand they like it that
way. “This is their favorite social activity of the month.” That’s therapy for them and it’s therapy for us.” “If
you looked around today, you perhaps saw people in their wheel chairs moving a hand or a finger, maybe tapping a foot a
little bit. To me, that’s very rewarding having that kind of experience.”

And it’s rewarding for the nursing home residents as well. “They can come back every other day and I’d be here. I
wouldn’t miss this for anything.” “Oh, I love it. And I wouldn’t miss it. Every month I came down here

“How long do you want to keep doing this for? Until they put the lid on my coffin!” “I’m gonna play for as long
as I can. I hope I never have to stop.” “Over the years, I’ve played with lots of musicians. But what makes it
really fun is that they are good people first.”

For a group of grumpy old men, they sure make alot of people happy.

The grumpy old men don’t typically play in public venues. But they do regularly appear at Hillview, Bethany St.
Joe’s and Bethany Riverside nursing homes. And we also want to note that the members are not in this to make a
profit. They rake in about 4 dollars a piece per gig! And by the way, there is one grumpy old woman as well!