The La Crosse Blue Stars: Part 3


They train around-the-clock. They become a family. “You form life long friendships through this,” says seven year
veteran Jon Severance.

Now, it’s time for the Blue Stars to shine. “This is the crowd you should do it for tonight. This is your home

“Performing their 2007 show, the Blue Stars!”

“This years program is entitled ‘Power and Grace.” “It’s a mixture of Swan Lake and Firebird, 2 famous

“There’s 8 judges. We each have an individual thing that we’re looking for.” “Alot of what the judges are looking
for is uniformity from person to person, performer to performer. Are they doing the same thing? Are all of them
taking the same sized step?”

And for each member, there is nothing quite like this. “Being on a field getting to perform in front of people is
really exciting for me,” says color guard member Deandra Christianson. “Performing under big stadium lights, giving
it your all and knowing the audience is enjoying it. It’s unbelievable,” says Haakon Burntvedt.

Executive Director Brad Furlano sums it up like this, “It’s really the culmination of a years worth of work. All we
can do is perform to the best of our abilities and let the chips fall where they may.”

“Winning the gold medal this evening, the Blue Stars.”

Chief Judge at the Blue Stars home show says this, “I’ve been around a long time and judged them over many, many
years and that’s as good a corps and they’ve ever had.”

Furlano adds, “I think la crosse should be very proud of the Blue Stars and the members in the core and they way
they represent the city of La Crosse and the Coulee Region all across the country. These are really great kids and
get the name out all across the country.”

Severance, who is in his last season with the corps says, “For anyone who’s looking to do something over the summer
that will change their life, Blue Stars is an excellent opportunity.”