The La Crosse Blue Stars


It is “go” time for the La Crosse Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps as they return for the 2009 season. “I call it
marching band on steroids because everything is that much more intense.”

For the 150 members of the Blue Stars, they literally sleep, eat and breathe the drum corps lifestyle all summer
long. “We could be called a professional marching band. We are together 81 days in the summer. We travel extensively
on tour buses from city to city and are completly devoted to doing music and marching at the highest level.”

The corps will travel more than 14 thousand miles cross country performing in 35 competitions all the while trying
to be better than they were the day before. They practice drill after drill after drill…and when mistakes
happen, “sometimes we celebreate with some pushups. Sometimes we have to run a few laps.”

“I’m sure there are times when everyone asks ‘Whay am I here? Why am I subjecting myself to this? It’s hot. I’m
tired. I didn’t sleep very much last night. I’m sleeping on the floor of a gym and then you’ll be in a stadium
performing and the crowd will be going nuts and you’ll know why.”

So welcome back La Crosse Blue Stars and best of luck this season!

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