The Obamas share messages of gratitude on Thanksgiving

Presidents past and present are wishing Americans a happy Thanksgiving.

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday saying, “we are thankful to all who wear our Nation’s uniform, allowing us to celebrate in safety and peace.”

First lady Melania Trump tweeted her gratitude to the military as well and wished Americans “a blessed Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with your family and friends.”

The Obamas also wished the country a happy Thanksgiving with family photos and some helpful advice for tough conversations around the dinner table.

Former first lady Michelle Obama marked Thanksgiving with an image of the family — Obama and her husband Barack are beaming with their daughters Malia, 21, and Sasha, 18.

Former President Obama tweeted an image of the family of four volunteering.

“Today, we give thanks for our blessings, give back to those around us, and enjoy some time — and turkey, and maybe a little football — with the ones we love. From the Obama family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving,” he wrote.

He even shared some tips on how to brace for the inevitable dinner table debate.

“Before arguing with friends or family around the Thanksgiving table, take a look at the science behind arguing better,” he tweeted with a Vox article on the topic. “And it’ll never hurt to try this: ‘Listen to people, get them to think about their own experience, and highlight your common humanity.'”

The Obamas’ Thanksgiving holiday looks a bit different now that they’ve left the White House — gone are the days of Sasha and Malia pretending to laugh at their dad’s turkey pardon puns — but the family hasn’t ended their tradition of giving back.

Last year, Obama surprised Chicago foodbank volunteers to help prepare Thanksgiving meal bags.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to accurately reflect Malia and Sasha Obama’s ages.