The Women’s Clothes Closet 10/08/09


Step inside the Womens closthes closet located in Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in La Crosse and the first thing
you’ll notice…is it’s not really a closet at all. “We have dresses, suits and pants, blazers, jeans and khaki’s,
sweatchirts and sweaters, blouses, used handbags and shoes, jewelry.”

The closet started 12 years ago as a way to address a real need in the community. “We’re particularly interested in
reaching low income women – those that are in the work force or trying to get in the work force.”

The first time a women visits the closet – she is allowed to have three complete outfits entirely free of charge.
Every month after that she can return to recieve 2 more outfits. “Low income women work is a variety of settings, so
we have office wear, but we also have clothing that women could wear in a factory or at jobs at K-Mart and

And there’s no need to worry about questions on income, employment status or personal issues. “We recieve referrals
from New Horizons Domestic shelter and those woman that need absolutely everything. Perhaps they left their home in
fear and have absolutely nothing.”

While the Women’s Clothes does recieve some minor funding through grants – they rely heavily on the generosity of
the community – through monatary gifts and donations and they are always looking for more help. “Right now we are
looking for gently used clothing. Clothing that is still in fashion. Clothing that is in good repair and clean.”

For years, this program has literally helped women dress f and hopefully it will continue for years to come. “At
this point, I think we have found a service need in the community and we will keep our doors open as long as we have
funding available.”

There is a big event this weekend to raise money for the Women’s Clothes Closet. It’s the second annual ‘Fashion
Cornucopia’ at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in La Crosse. There will be a gourmet meal, live music and a style show
featuring several local businesses. The cost is 25 dollars and there are two shows to choose from. If you are
interested in attending, call Our Savior’s Lutheran Church at 782-3468. Our Jennifer Livingston will be the Mistress
of Ceremonies at the event.

Also, if you are interested in donating clothes to the Women’s Clothes Closet, you can drop them off at Our Savior’s
Lutheran Church on 6th and Division streets in La Crosse.