There’s a new low-cost health clinic coming to our area

There’s a new health care clinic coming to our area that’s promising to save patients money.

Sensible Health in West Salem will likely open its doors to patients sometime in March.

The owners say they’ll offer a variety of services from general medicine to specialists, all at a fraction of the cost that hospitals charge.

Cliff LeCleir, the director of development at Sensible Health said, “People need good health care at a cost that they can afford.”

LeCleir has a very personal reason for wanting to open the clinic.

“I have a son that has chronic pain and he’s been through the clinics here in town and to every type of test and no one could find out what was wrong with him,” LeCleir said.

LeCleir’s son doesn’t have insurance and when he needed an MRI, he couldn’t believe how much it cost.

“He went out of town and received an MRI for around $600 and here it was going to be $3,000,” LeCleir said.

So LeCleir decided to do something about it.

“There’s so many who are without insurance today and they’re just falling through the cracks,” LeCleir said.

The clinic will cut down on costs in two major ways.

“Low overhead. We don’t have big conglomerate of brick and mortar. Each doc will be independent but for the most part we won’t have to file insurance claims,” LeCleir said.

And just like going to a restaurant, prices will be listed and patients can pick and choose what procedures they want.

“Everything will be on a menu. When a patient comes in here they’ll see the menu, it’ll be open to them, they’ll see what they’re going to pay before they ever select what they have to have,” LeCleir said.

Teddy Thompson, the medical director of Sensible Health and the owner of Neighborhood Family clinics, said people want more control over their medical expenses.

“Especially millennials, (they) are trying to find care that day or the next day and they try to look around for the least cost. And they like to be involved in their care, they like to decide what they want and when they want it,” Thompson said.

Which is why LeCleir can’t wait for the clinic to be open.

“It’s exciting to create things that are going to be beneficial to the community,” LeCleir said.

Most of those doctors won’t be taking insurance so the cost will be out of pocket.

They say the clinic will be a great alternative for people who either don’t have insurance or have high deductibles.

The clinic will be on Heritage Boulevard in West Salem.

It will offer MRIs, CT Scans, X-Rays and ultrasounds.

And it will offer everything from general medicine to specialty medicine like cardiology and radiology.

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