Things younger than Jennifer Livingston, Bill Graul on News 8 This Morning

Jennifer Livingston and Bill Graul have been working on News 8 This Morning for 15 years together.

We know they’ve changed over the years. So has the landscape, culture and even the skyline of our area.

Here’s a look at just some of the well-known things in our area younger than News 8 this Morning with Jen and Bill.

You’ve probably spotted the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the southside of La Crosse.  Although planning started years before, the official groundbreaking on the complex wasn’t until June of 2001, making the shrine 14-years-old.

The Lumberyard and the La Crosse Loggers are 12-years-old.The Loggers played their first game in June of 2003 against the Alexandra Beetles.

While we’re talking about sports, the Coulee Region Chill Hockey team came to Onalaska in 2010 and construction on the Roger Harring Stadium at Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex at UW-La Crosse started in June of 2008. It’s seven-years-old.

Mayo Health System opened its clinic on Theater Road in Onalaska in 2006 and Gundersen Health System’s newest addition-the legacy building-has been open for about a-year-and-a-half.

Drivers have been crossing the second “Big Blue Bridge” in La Crosse for 11years. The Cameron Street Bridge opened in November of 2004.

Grand River Station opened downtown in August of 2010. And people have been taking in the views from the new shelter on top of Grandad bluff since April of 2012, paying their respects at the Tomah Veterans Memorial since the ribbon cutting in October of 2011 and celebrating La Crosse’s many sister cities by walking through the Friendship Gardens in Riverside Park for about 12 years.

Some of the many local fests that are younger than 15-years-old include: Irish Fest; Between the Bluffs Beer, Wine, and Cheese Fest; Barre Fest; Trout Fest; Family Fun Fest; and Freedom Fest. Don Weber started Freedom Fest eight years ago. LHI, the company Weber founded, began in 1999 – two years before Jen and Bill started together on News 8 This Morning.

And how about their workplace? The News 8 newsroom was finished up just two years ago.

One of the youngest complete buildings in La Crosse is Northside Elementary. Students started classes in the brand new building this past school year.

Speaking of kids, all of Jen and Bill’s kids are younger than 15! Bill and his wife Christy’s, son Preston is 12. Daughters Kylie and Addison are ten and eight. Jen and husband Mike, have three daughters. Katelin is 13, Finley is six, and Quinn is four.