This is what it looks like in North Carolina where Florence has hit

After a night of torrential rain, devastating wind and dangerous storm surges, the damage that Florence, now a tropical storm, brought to the Carolina coast is only now starting to fully reveal itself. Here’s how things look so far.

Florence, at that time a Category 1 hurricane, wedged this boat between trees in Pamlico County.

A downed tree blocks a street in Wilmington after being uprooted by Florence’s strong winds.

Rescue workers help a woman and her dog escape their flooded home in James City.

High winds and storm surge from the hurricane hit Swansboro, North Carolina, bending and uprooting trees and flooding streets.

Structures, such as this one in Swansboro, collapsed as the storm surge and hurricane force winds whipped through the area.

In this photo, resident Russ Lewis covers his eyes from a gust of wind and a blast of sand as Hurricane Florence approached Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

With rain pounding relentlessly, the streets were deserted.

Earlier Friday morning, the New Bern Police Department pushed out a tweet showing water rescues in the city. Scores of people still await rescue there.

Members of the Boone County Fire Rescue team check for occupants of a home in Bolivia, North Carolina.

A mother and her infant died in Wilmington when a tree fell during the storm. The father was transported to a hospital.

Volunteers rescue residents and their pets from their flooded homes in New Bern.

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