Thousands march to State Capitol to protest President-elect Donald Trump

Thousands took to the streets of Madison Thursday night to protest President-elect Donald Trump.

Madison police estimated 3,000 people marched from Bascom Hill on the University of Wisconsin campus to the State Capitol.

Protesters remained peaceful but heated as they chanted things like “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA.”

The group walked for about an hour down State Street, stopping many times to give speeches.

A Muslim-American woman said, “He wants to keep Muslims from entering the country. Well, what is he going to do with the ones already here? We are going to stand united.”

There was a sense that people are going to fight to have their voices heard, even if they feel that their opinions won’t be reflected in Trump’s policies or vision for the country.

“All the stuff Trump has said, it’s disgusting,” Wisconsin Heights High School student Marissa Bode said. “He’s insulted people with disabilities, different races, women. For him to be elected, it’s just mind-boggling. It shows how racist our country is at the moment and it’s hard.

Many of the protesters were UW-Madison students, but there were also a lot of high school students, teachers and community leaders.