Tips for buying your wedding veil

While a bride’s wedding gown may get most of the attention, her veil is also important. Use these tips to help choose the right veil.

Veil should complement your look: When selecting a veil, make sure you pick on that complements your look and not one that competes with it. Select a veil that fits the overall style of your dress, one that completes your desired wedding-day look.

Don’t make it an afterthought: The veil should be selected early, months before your wedding. Ideally you should choose your veil the same time you select your gown. This will ensure you can customize it to fit the look of your dress, and also to make any needed alterations.

Fit the style of your wedding: If you are having a formal wedding, a longer veil is more appropriate. And if you’re having a more casual wedding, or even a beach wedding, then a shorter veil might be a better option.

Consult a stylist: Ask your stylist for his or her opinion on what veil is right for you. They can also have recommendations on what veils would work best with a headpiece, if you are planning to wear one.