Top 10 movie and TV picks for May

Here are the top 10 IMDb editors’ top movie and TV picks for the month of May:

Solo: A Star Wars Story | Premieres in U.S. theaters Friday, May 25

Exploring the origin story of Han Solo is a brave move. How can anything live up to the backstory we imagined for this mysterious smuggler and scoundrel? And how could anyone top the charm and charisma of Harrison Ford? But audiences went into Rogue One, the first in this new standalone series of Star Wars movies, with similar concerns and look how that turned out. Plus, it has been co-written by Lawrence Kasdan, who penned screenplays for The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark among others. May the Force be with it. — Michael

“Cobra Kai” | Premieres on YouTube Red Wednesday, May 2

As a child of the ’80s, I was the perfect age for The Karate Kid, and one of those who came out of the theater doing the crane kick, despite the fact that it looks ridiculous and doesn’t work. Nearly 35 years later, we get to find out what happened to bullied teen Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and his nemesis Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). What I found most intriguing about the hugely popular trailers for this reboot is that Johnny is the underdog, looking to get his life back together and help a bullied teen by resurrecting the Cobra Kai dojo, while Daniel is a cocky car salesman who lauds his victory over his beaten-down enemy. “That kick was illegal,” Johnny tells Daniel. After more than three decades, we’ll find out if Johnny finally gets his revenge. — Michael

Deadpool 2 | Premieres in U.S. theaters Friday, May 18

Infinity War will be this year’s superhero box-office champ, and technically Black Panther will go down as the movie that elevated the genre, but the sheer glee that Deadpool spreads across the screen is unmatchable. And now that he’s assembled the X-Force for his mega-sequel, I’m already wondering how soon Fox will get DP3 into production. — Arno

Life of the Party | Premieres in U.S. theaters Friday, May 11

So, I totally get that the premise of this movie seems a heck of a lot like Back to School, but there’s plenty worth discovering in the performance of Melissa McCarthy, whose talents are on full display in this fun but appealing story about a jilted middle-age mother who decides to finish her college degree. At a time when it seems we could use more comedy titles in theaters, McCarthy’s performance here seems all the more fresh and welcome as she mixes eye-opening physical comedy with her well-known ability to extend scenes with her improv skills. — Bret

Fahrenheit 451 | Premieres on HBO Saturday, May 19

I feel as though this contemporary version on Ray Bradbury’s novel will stand up alongside François Truffaut’s classic interpretation of the material. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Ramin Bahrani fares with adapting someone else’s work (the Man Push Cart director tends to author original screenplays). As for the pairing of these two Michaels, could there be a finer twin set of actors this year? — Arno

Overboard | Premieres in U.S. theaters Friday, May 4

Here’s a remake of the Goldie Hawn classic with a twist. The main roles are reversed here, with Eugenio Derbez playing an obnoxious wealthy playboy who experiences amnesia when he falls of his yacht and Anna Faris playing a single mother who convinces him he’s her husband. I’m a huge fan of Faris’ work on “Mom” and am excited to see her fill up her filmography with more live-action comedy roles. — Bret

Cargo | Premieres on Netflix Wednesday, May 18

With only 48 hours before he turns into a zombie, a desperate father’s races against time to get his infant daughter to a safe haven. If the plot of Cargo sounds familiar you might have caught the Australian short film when it made the YouTube rounds in 2013. Directors Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke are back at the helm with Martin Freeman in the lead and more time to stretch out the impending tragedy. — Vanessa

“Wood Work ” | Premieres on DIY Wednesday, May 9

If like me, you’re distraught over the series finale of the HGTV renovation series “Fixer Upper,” DIY Network might have a replacement for that Chip and Joanna Gaines sized hole in your heart. “Wood Work” stars “Fixer Upper” staples Clint Harp and his carpentry team at Harp Design Co, as they take on crazy requests and tight deadlines. With episode title like, “So Many Tables, So Little Time,” “Old Wood Creates Character,” and “Guest Studio, Hidden Gem” this might just be the reclaimed-wood furniture building show I needed right now. — Vanessa

The Eurovision Song Contest | Airs Live on LOGO Saturday, May 12

A friend from Dublin converted me to the Eurovision lifestyle five years ago. He throws an annual house party for the song contest that includes international guests, maps, flags, full punch bowls, and (until LOGO began airing the event live in the U.S.) a janky VPN feed direct from the UK that often featured Graham Norton’s immortal commentary. For the uninitiated, Eurovision is “The Voice” meets “Drag Race” meets a bit of “Popstar” meets one formidable Sunday hangover. It might become your new favorite holiday. — Arno

Beast | Premieres in U.S. theaters Friday, May 11

This first feature by writer/director Michael Pearce is set on the Channel Island of Jersey and draws its inspiration from a series of brutal attacks by Edward Paisnel, who became known as the Beast of Jersey. While there are parallels to draw between Pearce’s story and the fairytale “Beauty and the Beast,” what’s especially intriguing is the focus on Moll (played by Jessie Buckley) and the circumstances that bring this nice, obedient, small-town girl into the arms of a man who may be a notorious predator. — Pam