Toto Wolff: No-deal Brexit is ‘nightmare scenario’ for Formula 1

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has warned a no-deal Brexit could cause the “mother of all messes” for Formula 1.

Like many teams on the circuit, Mercedes has hubs in England and relies on equipment and materials coming in and out of its other bases in mainland Europe.

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Wolff says any changes to such procedures could be disastrous for British-based teams such as Mercedes, the five-time F1 constructors’ champion.

“Brexit is a major concern for us, as it should be a major concern for all of us who live in and operate out of the UK,” Wolff said, speaking on the first day of F1 winter testing in Barcelona, Spain.

“Any major disruption with borders or taxes would damage the F1 industry in the UK.”

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With just 38 days left before Britain is due to leave the EU, Wolff warns the uncertainty is threatening to cripple one of its leading industries.

“It is the mother of all messes,” he said.

“If a no-deal Brexit happens like it is being discussed, it would have a major impact in terms of our operation going to the races and getting our car developed and ready.

“That is a nightmare scenario that I don’t want to envisage.”

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Wolff is also concerned that those teams not based in Britain will have a distinct advantage in the future.

“Everybody at Ferrari, Toro Rosso [based in Italy] and also Alfa Romeo in Switzerland will have a massive advantage over every UK-based team,” he warned.

The potential repercussions of Brexit on the industry were highlighted this week when Honda confirmed it would be closing a major manufacturing plant in England.

The Japanese carmaker supplies engines for F1 team Red Bull.