Tourism sees dip during winter months

The lingering cold isn’t doing much to help drive tourists to La Crosse this winter.

The Coulee Region offers activities like skiing and snowshoeing to keep tourism up during the colder months.  Tourism officials say La Crosse sees a dip in visitors at this time of year, though events like the state Ski and Snowboarding Championships, held at Mount La Crosse, help to bring more people into the area.

Typically the region sees more tourism during the summer months, but experts say the cold shouldn’t stop you from enjoying La Crosse’s outdoors.

“You can either choose to sit home and let it dominate your life, or be proactive and go out and do something, whether it’s go to the events, go cross-country skiing, go snowshoeing, or go skiing,” said Dave Clements, executive director of La Crosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Ice fishing tournaments, snowmobiling and La Crosse’s Winter Rec Fest also help bring some tourism to the area during the winter.