Town of Holland making recycling switch

Single-stream recycling starts April 10th

The Town of Holland is making the switch to single-stream recycling soon.

With the single-stream method, people don’t have to sort recyclables. All recyclable items go into the same bins. The new bins hold 96 gallons. The old ones hold just 18 gallons and are not meeting the town’s needs.

“We had weekly service and it still wasn’t enough. People were having that much recycling. This is 96 gallons, so people can put a lot in there and you don’t have to sort it so it’s very easy,” says Town of Holland Clerk, Marilyn Pedretti. “You just have to know, is that recyclable or not?”

The single-stream method also allows Town of Holland residents to recycle many more items. Previously, only plastics 1-2 could be recycled. With the new system, plastics 1-7 are accepted. More types of paper are also recyclable including shiny paper like junk mailings. As before, glass and tin will also be accepted.

“Very little needs to go to the trash anymore, to the landfill. Most of it should go to the recycling,” says Pedretti.

Hilltopper Refuse and Recycling handles the Town of Holland’s trash and recycling pick-up. The company already has the equipment it needs to collect items from single-stream recycling bins.

Single-stream recycling starts April 10th in the Town of Holland. Learn more here.