Town of Holland residents learn more about impact of proposed power line project

The line would connect the Madison area to Holmen.

A proposal to approve a high voltage power line in the Holmen area has residents taking a stand.

They voiced their concerns and gave input on the proposed Badger Coulee Transmission Line at a meeting Wednesday in the Town of Holland.

The line would connect the Madison area to Holmen through two routes.

Many of the transmission lines will be located on landowner’s properties.

Residents worry the impact could take a toll on their health, environment, and property values.

To help residents understand the process, a group was brought in to help explain the impact the line could have on their area.

“The organization I was with was invited by local land owners to help the businesses and farms and the residents here respond to their opportunity to respond to the possible impacts of the high voltage transmission line option of the Badger Coulee line,” said Rob Danielson from the Energy Planning Information Committee.

A spokesperson for the Badger Coulee Line has said in the past they expect the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin will conduct a detailed analysis of the project need and proposed routes. 

They’ve also said there will be plenty of opportunity for public input with the PSC to help understand the potential impact.